Marriage & Family

Whether working outside or in the home, taking care of the family and a home is a beautiful profession and the greatest service one can provide to society and the building up of civilization.  Our activities reflect this truth and help women to find fulfillment and joy in carrying out the duties of daily life.

Nourishing the Mind

Nourishing the Soul

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Family Enrichment

Using the case study method, couples develop problem solving habits, strengthen their marriage and become better parents.

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Art of Living

Seminars consist of classes and hands-on demos giving women the skills they need to care for their family with confidence and artistry.

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Tuesdays 11:30 am - 1:00 pm at Christ the King at 8017 Preston, Dallas 

Tuesdays & Thursdays at Arborlea, 509 Bellah in Irving by online reservation 



Spend time in prayer to deepen your friendship with Christ & to gain a richer outlook on life.  

In person recollections are held the 2nd week of the month. 



Come away for a weekend and spend it deeply in the presence of God, praying and reflecting on your life's direction.

Retreats are held throughout the year at Featherock Conference Center in south Texas about a 4.5 hour drive from Dallas.


Past Topics


From Clutter to Clarity

Molly Cook

Speaker notes will be posted soon.

Happy Young Girls

The Art of True Friendship

Anne Ponton

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Fashion in Pink

Developing Personal Style: Curating a Killer Closet

Elizabeth Koenig

What would it be like to love getting dressed every day - to have a wardrobe where every piece flattered you in the best way?  Elizabeth shared tips to:


  • Discover which colors give you a healthy, attractive glow.

  • Learn to dress for your body shape with color, cuts, patterns and fabric that give the appearance of your hoped for body weight.  

  • Gain a cohesive style personality that unifies your wardrobe and provides clear direction when adding new pieces to your look.

  • Use insider tips and tricks to accentuate your assets and disguise your flaws.  

Speaker notes will be posted soon.

Happy Family

Marriage & Family

Anne Wolfe

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Kids with Capes

Cultivating Essential Family Virtues in Today's Society

Ashleigh Berry

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Raising Tech-Wise Kids

Heather Joseph

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