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Marriage & Family

Whether working outside or in the home, taking care of the family and a home is a beautiful profession and the greatest service one can provide to society and the building up of civilization.  Our activities reflect this truth and help women to find fulfillment and joy in carrying out the duties of daily life.

Confession and Spiritual Direction

Mornings and Evenings of Recollection

Retreats at Featherock Conference Center in south Texas

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Past Topics

The Work of the Home
January 21, 2023

Chef and Homemaker Lupe Perez

Kitchen Interior

To a group of nearly 50 women, Lupe, a professional chef and homemaker from Sheridan Study Center in Houston, gave an encouraging talk on what it means to be a homemaker with many practical tips. The great takeaway was to shift our perspective as "martyrs" to "managers" of our homes in order to overcome any feelings of self-pity or resentment so that our homemaking becomes serving the people who make up our home.  After the talk, Lupe demonstrated how to make three quick and savory - and gorgeous - appetizers: artichoke puffs, hummus, and a charcuterie board. We jumped in with her and worked together to make the appetizers. What fun!

Lupe's Suggestions for Further Reading on the Art of Homemaking

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